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Provider of the latest and greatest information on Japanese portable music technology since 2002!

This page was last updated on May 6th, 2007

Sony's newest 2006 Japanese Domestic Market portable music player models!
Beautiful aren't they?

Sony's 2006 Special Edition Anniversary Celebration Gold & Chameleon painted versions of the 2GB memory NW-A608 series!

Sony's Newest Flagship Portable Model NW-A3000: The 20 GB Hard Drive based MP3 Player

06/16/2006 5pm PST - Sony NW-E507 Network Walkman specifications page has been added.

06/15/2006 10pm PST - Added Sony NW-MS70D Network Walkman and MZ-R90 MiniDisc Recorder specifications pages. Minor revisions to the Sony MZ-R55 and MZ-R50 pages has been made.

06/15/2006 - The Sony NW-A608 specifications page is up and running as well! Enjoy!

06/15/2006 - The Sony NW-A1000 specifications page is up and online! The NW-A3000 page underwent some minor revisions. The NW-A608 and the other unit's page will be up and running real soon! Please check back within a few days!

06/14/2006 - The Sony NW-A3000 Unit Specifications page is finally up for browsing! Other units in the mp3 units category will be up ASAP!

06/14/2006 - The Sony MZ-R55 and MZ-R50 MiniDisc Recorders specification page is up! Feel free to come take a look! I will be adding other missing MD and MP3 unit's specifications as soon as possible!

06/14/2006 - I have updated parts of the menu listings and added some vintage MiniDisc Recorders such as the legendary MZ-R55. Its specifications and some lovely pictures of the unit will be added in the near future! Please check back soon!

06/13/2006 - Greetings Minidisc and portable electronics enthusiasts! It's been a long time since an overall website update has been made. Recently, I have checked this site's monthly statistics and have found that quite a number of you still travel here and browse at the various MD unit's specifications and pictures, I have decided to continue updating this site with new and interesting information on the specifications of new units introduced namely by Sony and maybe perhaps other Japanese manufacturers as well!

06/13/2006 - Although we would like to contiunue tricking ourselves into believing that our wonderful Minidisc technology is quite alive and well, we as wise consumers, lovers of new portable music technology and as people who used to be using MiniDisc technology a few years ago, must admit to the fact that indeed our beloved MiniDisc is already dead and extinct (should be buried beside our beloved 486 and Pentium MMX CPUs) and that portable MP3 players have already taken over its domain.

But fear not! I will continue to post new information and pictures of new and wonderful portable music units that Japanese manufacturers like Sony and Panasonic have created to replace our beloved MiniDisc technology! Please check the site's left frame bar for newly posted information on the MP3 unit's specifications, its Japanese and North American domestic prices, and beautiful pictures of its outer shell!

Sony's NW-MS70D the next evolution of the portable music technology!

December 3rd 2003 Update:

Sony MD players MZ-E620, MZ-E710, MZ-E810, MZ-510, MZ-E610 pages added!

This year many new mindisc players came out manufactured by Sony which includes the MZ-N10, MZ-N910, MZ-R910.

The specifications of these new minidisc recorders will be added as soon as possible!

Minidisc Player's biggest new competitor: MP3 Players

It seems that minidisc players and recorders have been the most popular way to bring music outdoors to listen to in the past 5 years, but recently there has been a competitor striking fiercely at minidisc technology's heels, it is called MP3 Players.

With MP3 players, you can download music into your portable machine much more quicker than a MD player, the size of the machine is smaller, and the MP3 players never skip at all, thanks to saving the music data on RAM memory.

It seems MD players have been beaten by this mighty foe, but MD players have one advantage that MP3 players currently still lack: long battery life! The best MP3 players playime is 32 hours, while most MD recorders playtime is over a 100hrs! But other aspects of portability, MP3 players beat MD players with extreme success.

So as of now MD players' sales have been falling dramatically, while MP3 players sales have sky-rocketed. Sadly it seems that MiniDisc technology era has finally come to an end.

Picture of MD's current flagship model, the MZ-N10

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