Sony's new line of Net MD Walkman player/recorders break the speed limit with a direct USB connection that transfers 80 minutes of music from PC to MD in less than three minutes*.

Net MD technology adds utility to the world's most popular digital music recorders by providing up to 32x speed for transferring music files. The new QuickRip™ CD dubbing application facilitates fast transfer of CDs to MD without storing files on a hard drive. Users simply launch the application and select the tracks they want to transfer to the player.

Three recording modes give users the choice to record in standard mode for the richest sound quality or two different long play modes for the most effective use of space on a single MD. The bundled Open MG™ jukebox management software supports secure music downloads and is used to organize playlists, title tracks and maximize music mixes. As with all MD products, Sony's new Net MD players can record from various sources, accept multiple Internet audio formats such as MP3 and WMA files, and feature flexible editing tools. MiniDisc media is affordable, durable and re-recordable up to a million times without degradation.

"Net MD technology was created in response to consumer demand for high-speed digital recording on MiniDisc," said Robert Ashcroft, senior vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics' Personal Mobile Products Division. "MD has been widely accepted because of its ability to record over five hours of music from almost any source all on one $2 disc. By adding high-speed transfer, Sony has improved upon the number one selling digital music recorder - MiniDisc with PCLink."

Besides their individual features and stylish, good looks, all three new models offer long battery life, MDLP for recording over five hours of music on one 80-minute disc and Sony's ultra skip-free **G-Protection™ technology for active users who enjoy listening to uninterrupted music. OpenMG Jukebox software, QuickRip CD dubbing application, one blank, 80-minute disc and USB connecting cable are included.

To satisfy the needs of over 65 million PC users, Net MD Walkman players are compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 98/SE/2000/ME/XP operating systems.


The MZ-N505 Net MD Walkman recorder has everything necessary to create great-sounding music mixes in record time. In addition to transferring music in up to 32x speed, title and track information created in the Jukebox is transferred to the device.

With the Easy Skip group folder function, users can arrange songs into groups or "albums" in the OpenMG Jukebox and easily transfer to the Net MD recorder. If five hours of music is recorded, the user can simply skip from group to group for personalized playback.

The player provides up to 56 hours of playback time on one "AA" type battery and multiple playback modes for a choice of programs for shuffling, repeating and grouping tracks. Users can also control the recording level for optimized results while the digital Mega Bass® sound system ensures a full, rich listening experience.

The MZ-N505 is offered in a choice of gold or silver colors. It will be available in March for about $200.


Stepping up in the line, the two-toned MZ-N707 Net MD Walkman models combine all the features of the MZ-N505 with the added convenience of an editing remote control and charging stand for use with a rechargeable battery. Additionally, the unit is supplied with car kit accessories to connect the player to an in-car audio system. Also available in March for about $250, this handsome unit comes in black and red or blue and silver.


The pinnacle of the Net MD Walkman line, the MZ-N1 packs a wealth of features into a compact magnesium body that weighs just over 3 ounces. By using the included rechargeable battery and one "AA" type battery, the player achieves up to an unprecedented 110 hours of continuous playback. A convenient Jog Dial™ navigator lets the user scroll through vertically to search songs and groups. By simply rotating the dial with one finger then pushing it, the desired point is accessed.

The new model makes creating custom music mixes even easier with a backlit LCD editing remote and a three-line dot matrix display right on the unit that enables users to view nine characters per line for easy song searches and edits. The MZ-N1 is supplied with a matching USB Cradle for direct connection to the jukebox. Placing the unit in the connected cradle ensures that the MiniDisc player automatically recharges.

The MZ-N1 Net MD Walkman player will be available in March and is expected to sell for about $350.

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