Date Released In Japan: October 1998

Retail Price: 46,000



Colors: Gold, Silver, Blue

Projection Area: 78.9 X 84 mm

Thickness: 18 mm

Weight: 147g

Weight w/ Battery & Disc: 190g

Features: ATRAC 4 (IC: CXD2652AR). Unit is small, 75% the volume of the MZ-R50. 40 sec shock memory, backlit remote "stick controller" with 9 character display (vs. 6 in previous versions). Operation, editing and track labelling functions available on remote as well as main body. Titling may be done while recording is in progress. Clamshell opens via pushbutton (rather than slider). Two step bass boost. Selectable microphone sensitivity (HIGH/LOW). First recorder with 1.2V drive. Uses NiMH gumpack rechargeable (NH-14WM).

Battery Recharging Time: 3 hrs
Rechargeable NiMH NH-14WM
2.5 hrs
AA x2
5 hrs
Rech NiMH NH-14WM + AA
9.5 hrs
Rechargeable NiMH NH-14WM
4 hrs
AA x2
10 hrs
Rech NiMH NH-14WM + AA x2
16 hrs

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